From the instant we were conceived it was destined that we share the same soul.  Every decision of every moment was meant to bring us closer to that moment when I saw you for the first time, dragging that girl’s body from your car down into the culvert where you tried covering her with those autumn leaves.  I sat just a ways down in a tree stand, dressed in cammies and looking down the scope of my 30.06 at a beautiful ten point buck, being careful not to allow my breath to waft over the sights while watching the buck shoot twin clouds of mist from his nose.  The buck sensed you first, lifting his majestic brown head toward the foreign sound, and then I heard the crunch of your tires on the frozen ground as you drove toward the edge of the woods.  I cursed you as the deer bolted, ruining my shot, my chance to see him die, to see his eyes cloud over, and then the sweet knife slicing into his body as the heat steams out in that delicious fragrant cloud that I love.  I trained my scope on the metallic glint of your silver car and talked to you as you sat inside it.  I wanted you to step out so I could put my slug through your head, so I whispered my desire, get out of the car you motherfucker, ruining my shot, I’ll ruin you, and then you did climb out and stood beside the open door craning your neck about as a steady and annoying bing bing bing cut through the air, but even though I had my finger on the trigger and the crosshairs on your touseled blond head, I could not complete the act, did not have the courage to actually do it even though I had always wanted to so bad, had dreamed and fantasized about it my entire life.  I really believe you felt my presence just then, I know, because I saw you look around suddenly as if you heard something.  If you think about it, it was the sound of both of our hearts beating in unison.

Then you walked to the trunk of your car and I followed your movement, cursing myself for not having the balls to kill you, and you opened it and tugged the girl out, and I was suddenly amazed, awed, intrigued, jealous, fascinated as you grabbed her beneath her armpits and drug her toward the edge of the forest.  I saw your breath chugging out like a train engine as you strained against her dead weight, but I also saw her breath, thin and ragged, saw it mix with yours, and I wondered if you knew she was still alive.  Every nerve in my body was alive with excitement as I followed your efforts, saw you shuffle and slide down the twenty feet embankment and then stand over her for a moment with no expression on your face, and I was yours at that precise moment, I knew we were one soul because I had the passion you wanted and you had the courage I could only dream of.  You began gathering up armfuls of red, yellow and orange leaves and throwing them on the girl as if you were trying to hide her, and I realized you did not know she was still alive.  This was a strange puzzle to me at first.  You had the ability, the nerve, the audacity to actually hunt down and capture another human being, do what you did to her, and then so carelessly leave her alive so she could identify you later.  But as you scrambled back up the hill it occurred to me that you must have known that of all the people in the world, you left her there practically at my feet as if she were a sacrifice, a wonderful, exquisite gift. At that moment the planets aligned, the stark realization of our unique relationship became oh, so clear, the complete and utter depth of understanding was plumbed in my heart.  I almost, almost shouted out to you then, had the call in my lungs, wanted to connect with you right then, but my cowardliness reached up from my spine and clamped itself over my trembling mouth.  A single hot tear leapt from my eye as I swallowed the bitter pill of my inadequacy, but was able to catch your tag number in my scope, at least my weakness could not deny me the means to track you down, to study you, to follow your sacred footsteps, to become lost in you.

I don’t need to explain myself to you because you know me as well as you know yourself.  Anyone else would read this and think we are gay, but that’s the furthest thing from the truth.  Just because one soul shares two bodies, it doesn’t mean both people have to be sexually attracted to each other.  To say we are brothers would diminish our relationship.  To say we should be lovers would be blasphemy.  I came to know that girl you left out there in the woods.  I found out what you left inside her beautiful cunt when I cut it out of her.  I still have this gift, for gift is what it is, from your generous action to my hands.  When I was done with her she was not alive, and I thank you, O God I thank you for giving her to me because I know now what bliss I’ve been missing watching the life fade out of another human being’s eyes, watching how her body relaxes, smoothing out the tense muscles of her terror.  I forgot who I was then as I shared her annihilation, marveled at her sweet release and was transported to a sense of complete joy.  I just had to fuck her then and it was the best I’d ever, ever had.  I fucked her every way I could because the passion in me refused to go away.  The more I did the more I wanted to do.  Oh, my soul-mate, the experience was the very definition of exquisite!  When we inevitably meet I will share the details of my time with that girl, and I know you will completely understand.  
Have no fear, no one will ever be able to connect you to that girl because I made everything alright.  That’s why you left her like you did.  You were testing me.  You wanted me to finish what you started so that we could begin our journey together. I won’t let them get you, soul-twin. You’ve got my word on that, and there is nothing more important than the word, is there?  When we finally meet, when our eyes finally connect, it will all become clear, and you won’t have to test me anymore, because in that split second you’ll know what I know and I’ll know what you know, and then we can begin to do that which we were both born to do: cut out all the divine cunts because they cut out on us.  We will fuck them together and then fuck them up, every last one of them, and then they’ll be perfect because we’ll rip out their fucking tongues, too.  We’ll do whatever we want with them because they’ll finally be perfect little bitches, the way they’re suppose to be.  You and I, me and you, goddamned Alpha and Omega. We’ll realize that we’ve been perfect all along when we finally meet.  We will start it and then
see it to the end.  Then we’ll be
fucking Gods, won’t we?


You scare the hell out of me sometimes. lol


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